Brand Personality: The Secret Weapon of Your Business

We all want followers. Actually, scratch that.

We all want a loyal following.
Yeah, that’s it.

We are looking for some magical marketing strategy that will bring us more sales while forgetting about why people buy in the first place.

Take yourself as an example. If you really want to buy something, there probably is some psychological trigger behind. It’s because you are attracted to something very specific.

What is it though?

Most likely, the brand personality.

The way the brand tells its story, share passions, the way they write and talk. Simply the way they connect. And what we often fail to realize is that connections = relationships.

In this 3 part series, I’ll teach you:

1. What is a brand personality and how can you discover yours;
2. How to use Brand Archetypes to help you to attract the right customers;
3. And finally, what to do after you find out what your brand personality is.

What is a brand personality?

First of all, let’s talk about the elephant in the room.

Why SHOULD your brand even HAVE a personality?

The simple answer: To give your business a friendly face that resonates with people.

The advanced answer: People are emotional beings that are capable of creating an unconscious connection between themselves and your brand. You know, the bond that forces them to stand in the long line for the newest iPhone even though they know there are the same quality phones for half of the price available in the nearest BestBuy.

And if you ask them why?

Because it is Apple. And people love Apple.

The thing though is, that it is not the product attracting them.
It is the marketing. The tone of voice. The message behind the product. The personality.

Brand Personality brings something your audience can relate to

Brand personality is an identity that your customers are interacting with. It’s all about turning something impersonal (small business, bigger company, even a big corporation) that would probably come across as cold and impersonal into something that people can relate to. Into something with obvious passions, missions, values, and even fears. Something with a story. Something…personal.

Personifying your brand can allow your customers to relate to your brand in the same way they would relate to another person.

And if they fall in love with this personality, it makes them think, it amuses them or encourages them to be better versions of themselves…that is what makes the brand truly irresistible.

The magic of Brand Archetypes.

The first step on this brand personality journey is selecting a mix of brand archetypes for your brand.

Archetypes, in general, are nothing new, as they are universal characters that can be traced back to Ancient Greece.

The modern archetypes are based on Swiss psychologist Carl Jung’s theory saying that humans have a basic tendency to use symbolism to understand concepts.

Jung identified 12 main archetypes/personalities, each with a powerful identity and its own set of characteristics, values, fears, and behaviors.

Basically, everything fits into some archetype.
Well ok, anything that can have a personality. Like…

– Regular people (Yes, you have an archetype!)
– Celebrities
– The hot guy from the Netflix series.
– Possibly your cute dog.

(I am sure you know where I am going with this….)

– Yes, even brands can have personality!

How to find out your Brand Archetype?

1) Take our Brand Personality Quiz where we will ask you the right questions, so you can find out your Archetype mix under 5 minutes.

2) Then, study your archetype values, goals and missions. Do you identify with them?

3) Look at the brand and entrepreneur examples and their tone of voice and visual messaging. How can you apply the same techniques to your brand voice/identity?

4) Thoughtfully consider your company’s image and how its perceived by your current customers. What is the look and feel your customers see, how do they interact with your brand, what do they say about you?

And that’s all for today!

Tomorrow we’ll talk about how to use Brand Archetypes to attract the right customers for YOUR business. We will talk about your unique brand voice and core message. We will also talk about your customer’s feelings and how they see your brand. And finally, we will bring some big brand examples to the table.

For more tips on building a personality-driven brand that you’re dying to share with others, follow me on Instagram.

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Brand Personality: The Secret Weapon of Your Business

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