Client: The Practice Revolution

That time we made a brand that feels like a ray of sunshine

Sandy Spady is an Omaha-based entrepreneur, speaker & professional event organizer who’s passionate about teaching others how to walk into any room feeling confident, ready to build strong connections, and make a lasting impression. Sandy is a pillar in the community, and she’s seen as the person who can connect you with people that can truly change your life. 

She is also the founder of Women with Voices (a local empowerment & networking group with 1500+ members) that gives women a platform to share stories of overcoming their toughest challenges while empowering others and creating meaningful relationships.

We Worked On

Brand Clarity
Visual Identity
Brand Collateral
Conference Materials
Social Media Templates
Website Development

The Challenge

We wanted to create a brand that embodies Sandy’s personality & convey the transformation she promotes in people’s lives.


Brand Clarity & Personality

It was very important for us to craft a brand that will carry the same feel you’d have when meeting Sandy in real life.

During our brand clarity phase we identified that what really draws people to Sandy is her cheerful and vibrant personality, always positive attitude, and addictive energy.

We also learnt that Sandy is the ultimate cheerleader for others and has an ability to motivate them to fight through their challenges.

That is why we decided to create a brand that will feel like rays of sunshine peeking through clouds after the storm. A brand that promotes change and empowers you to fight obstacles. A brand that helps you power up your business and life.


Visual Identity

Our goal was to design a visual identity that makes Sandy’s audience feel warm and fuzzy while inspiring them to step outside of their comfort zones and say YES to new (and sometimes scary) opportunities.

The color palette is bright and fun playing on the high energy note while bringing a touch of nostalgia through its slightly vintage feel. Same as Sandy herself, it is cheerful and bold, but makes you feel warm and welcomed.


Brand Authority

Building brand authority requires consistent efforts to showcase expertise and a deep understanding of customer needs. In Sandy’s case, this is achieved through various channels, such as her website, speaking engagements, events & social media engagement.

When working on the new website, we started by outlining the key pages and creating a roadmap that considered the journey we want the customer to take.

In order to translate Sandy’s personality and message, we collaborated with copywriters from The Virtual Miracle who crafted a website copy that speaks to her audience’s needs and present her offers with clarity and confidence.

Post-Project Success

Since working together, Sandy was invited as a speaker to several events, and is currently working on her upcoming book.

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