The Pain Habit

The Pain Habit is a self-help method for patients dealing with consistent/chronic pain. It’s developed by physiotherapist Drew Coverdale who has also published a book on this topic.

The Challenge

Client felt that there was a gap in the market for a brand that delivers complicated information about persistent pain in an easily understandable and professional way.

He successfully developed & practiced the method in person for years under his physiotherapy business, however, he realized that the problem of persistent pain is very large and many people simply give up finding a solution. They feel like there’s none.

And while some physical pain truly is for life, many times we can make it much better when having the right tools. For that reason, client’s motivation was to share his method with a wider audience of both patients and therapists. 


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01 Brand Clarity

It was very important for the client to fully understand his own motivations, get to know his audience & how he’s serving them, and the way this brand should interact with them. Below you can see few examples of the final definitions. 

- 1 Main Logo & Submark

– 1 Main Logo & Submark


Compassionate, Committed, Trustworthy, Positive, Nurturing.


A life-changing experience that helps you challenge your beliefs, emotions, and behaviors to remove persistent pain from your life.


– They are busy at home, work and always on the go
– No time to pause and think about their problems
– Always taking care of someone else
– Never putting themselves first
– TYPE A personality (often very driven, self-sacrificing, perfectionist, controlling, bottling up emotions, over-analytical, need to help others and addicted to these behaviors)

Ideal Customer

A person stuck in persistent pain with a real desire to be free from that pain, but with a current belief system that makes them think, that neither them nor anyone else can do anything to help them get out of that pain

– open to change
– open-minded
– willing to work on themselves


Compared to many competitors who are trying to “get rid off the pain” we focus on a positive approach, emphasizing a change for the better, transformation, possibility, new vision and viewpoint, life change, exhilarating.

02 Visual Identity

It was very important for the overall visual style to be very human oriented & approachable while well balanced and calm looking.

It is inspired by sunrise which carries a promise of a positive change. When watching a sunrise, you can watch the world become lighter and lighter minute by minute.

That is exactly what we want our chronic pain patients to experience. The logo design represents the transformation they go through when working with our method.

03 Web Design & Development

The website’s main objection was to introduce the topic of self-treatable chronic pain to the public. We also built a lead magnet that gives them access to a FREE video series that gives them an instant tool to start working on their daily habits.

Additioanlly, we are promoting The Pain Habit book that was released recently.

04 On-Brand Content

Last but not least, we worked with the client on the social media presence, email series, media kit & other marketing materials. 

We also created Instagram templates for client to be able to DIY his content, and educated him during our Email marketing 101 & Instagram 101 Sessions. 

“Zuzana walked me through the process of branding development after fully understanding the vision and message that I want to deliver. She gave real thought into all her ideas and was amazing at interpreting all facts that collectively represent the image I want to present. She delivered innovative designs, incorporating colours, logos, and style that totally match the brief she took on. I look forward to working with her on another project.”

– Drew, The Pain Habit