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First of all, thank you for your interest in our services! Let’s take a look at some details to see if we are a good match.

Here’s a thing – we can’t work with everyone. Not only there isn’t enough of us, but also our skill set is not ideal for every project/client.

Generally, we work with two types of clients.
1) Those that are just starting out but are already committed to their business growth and prepared to invest in their business.

2) Established businesses who are in the business for some time and know their business field and target audience well.

In case you just decided to start a business and are not ready to invest/would rather work on your brand/website on your own, we are preparing special products to help you in this confusing time, so stay in touch! 🙂

We’d be a great match if…

  • you are launching a new project and you have all details ready.
  • you love my previous projects and can imagine similar design style for your next project.
  • you are ready to invest your time and understand that successful project depends on both sides being able to meet all requirements and deadlines.
  • you trust our expertise and plan to follow our advices.

Not so much if…

  • you dont want to include the brand strategy and want just a logo.
  • you just started out and are not able to invest in your business just yet.
  • you are not open to new ideas and directions, or you wish to have the design exactly the way you think it should be.
  • you believe you could get the same services for lower prices
  • you do not like my design style or it does not fit your vision.


Pick your Package

The first step (which we already discussed above) is to make sure we are a good match. If you believe we would be good partners,  select the right design package that suits your needs.

You can see our packages at services page. Once you are ready, fill the inquiry form to tell me details about your business, project, scope, timeline and how I can help you.

Let’s Talk

Discussing your needs and ideas is one of the most important things here. Don’t worry, no matter where you live, with modern technologies everything is possible! We work with clients all around the word so you will be heard!

After this initial meet up we will customize the quote directly to your project, set appropriate timelines and prepare paperwork.

Start of the Project

Once you are ready and the contract is signed, you will be asked to pay 25% deposit to book the time on my calendar. Another 25% will be paid directly before starting working on your project. The remainder of your balance is due before finalization and delivery of your files.

If you have any questions please take a look at our Frequently Asked Question.

Strategy and Research

Understanding your target audience and business vision is our priority. We’ll work together to discover your brand aesthetic through my detailed questionnaire and ongoing discovery process. By the end of this stage, we’ll both have a clear understanding of your needs and design strategy in place!

Branding process always includes a visual mood board which helps us determine the visual style of your brand. That usually includes colors, textures, font styles, patterns, imagery, and other inspiration.

Please note this is for inspirational purposes only. The content showed in this phrase is not meant to be part of your brand and its purpose is only showing a visual direction.

Web design & Development

We highly recommend having a final copy before the project starts since any delays from client’s side will be imprinted into final project price. If you plan to hire a copywriter, let us know beforehand.

You also need to have your domain and hosting ready. We highly recommend Siteground hosting (affiliate link) as we have a great experience with it.

Design Process

We’ll work closely with you to achieve the visual style you’re looking for. We’ll connect regularly through my proofing process with opportunities to provide valuable feedback throughout the design process. You’ll also sign off on changes every step of the way so we are sure we’re on the same page!

Once we sign off the visual style we create, we will start designing your custom brand. We will provide 3 unique logo design concepts based on previous research and we can go through 3 rounds of revisions (if they are necessary) with you. Since we follow up with you often you have an overview, no surprises!

Web design & Development

With website design, we first determine an exact number of pages and create wireframes (layout suggestions) for each page. After we agree on this layout, we apply our selected visual style and create a custom website for you. In the designing phrase, we need final texts provided by you or selected copywriter.

With web design, there is only one design variations that is developing from the beginning and we are making changes and updates to this one selected style.

Completion & Launch!

The final stage of our process is the best one, celebrating! After your project invoice is paid in full, we finalize all files and prepare them for delivery.

We upload all branding materials to a Google Drive folder and share with you. For websites, we will give you all passwords and have a 30min explanation call with you.

With selected website packages we offer 30-day free support. Any other support depends on our availability and additional compensation.

Have a Question?

It may have been asked before. Check out our FAQs section to get he answers you are looking for.

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