ONGO Energy Spray Branding

We are always on the go …Struggling to stay alert throughout the day. Sleepy while driving. With the new ONGO energy spray you can skip the extra cups of coffee or energy drinks! This multi-use compact oral spray delivers a more natural, sustainable energy boost as compared to other traditional energy drinks!

We had the opportunity to work on completely new branding for this amazing unique product – a healthy energy spray. The brand itself was supposed to be colorful and vivid to remind fruit and vitamins, and we also incorporated an arrow into the name that represents the energy/power reboot this product will provide.

Branding: Logo Design, Business Card Design

Brand Personality: Fresh, Heatlhy, Colorful, Positive 

I’ve had the pleasure to work with Zuzana on several occasions, and she’s been extremely responsive and understanding, delivering a fantastic product each and every time.

Ashu Jain