Dog People Are Cool Branding

Dog People Are Cool® (DPAC) is a San Diego-based apparel company whose mission is to make the world a better place one dog, one person, one community at a time. Dog People Are Cool® is not just another e-shop. They are partnering with several charities and also donating 10% of their profits to various charity partners nationwide.

We have been working with this client on custom T-Shirt prints for quite some time already. He approached us with the opportunity to work on re-branding after our previous cooperation. He needed a unique, custom made logo that will be not too goofy yet will have a positive feeling. It was also supposed to be black and white only and look elegant and high end while being a bit hip.

Branding: Logo design, Magazine Design, Charity Flyer Design & T-Shirt Designs

Brand Personality: Positive, Elegant, Minimalistic, Trustworthy

Working with Zuzana is amazing, she is extremely talented and delivered exactly what I was looking for. She made sure she understood the project and went right to work. In addition to that she met every deadline and hit every milestone. There was a point when we were both traveling but we were still able to communicate and get the job done. Zuzana is a true professional and I am really, really lucky to have found her! I will use her again (soon) for sure.

If you care about thorough, unique, artistic work you should contact her without hesitation.

Matt Allen


Dog People are Cool