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About The Project

Ongo Energy is a new innovative energy spray, much healthier version of what currently exists on the market. That is why the client needed logo that will be popping and catchy so people would notice. At the same time, they wanted to incorporate energy/power supply symbol that would reflect the purpose of the spray.

Logo name and tagline: The name used in logo should be ONGO and tagline “Energy On the GO” (-> that is why ONGO).

The target audience: 25+, men and women. People who are busy and use multiple energy supplies during the day. Possibly truck drivers, office workers, gym trainers, and other people often on the go.

The desired logo feel: Clean, professional, trustworthy, however, also fun and popping.

Colors: The client mentioned that the spray packaging/bottle will be white only which is why they would prefer something really colorful.

The Creative Process

One of the first steps that were done was this color mood/vision board that should have represented all mentioned requirements and give us better visual ideas. As you can see we determined the brand by using visuals of colorful fruit and drinks that should reflect vitamins, energy, and healthy approach. We also chose the color palette based on these pictures.

The second step was brainstorming and sketching first ideas on paper. As you can see one of the first idea, in general, was incorporating an arrow that symbolizes energy boost.

We also added a tagline, the placement was a subject of several discussions. As you can see below there were several options.

We introduced several variations to the client and discussed with him the overall directions and style we used. The client was quite satisfied with the overall progress and ideas, and we together selected few drafts from which we created 3 solid variations to choose from.

Final Logo Design

Final variation represents the boost of energy by arrow incorporated into the letter G. This symbol is quite small and does not cause any readability problems.

Incorporation of colors was inspired by Google logo itself where each letter has a different color. We already had our color palette so we applied each color to one letter which caused the logo to be very interesting and unique looking, yet still very simple and clean. 

You can see final brand in our portfolio here.


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