Beautiful Brands with Strategy in Mind

There is nothing worse than feeling ‘meh’ about your own brand. It takes the fun out of running your business. Let me help you finally build a brand you you and your audience can’t stop talking about.


Powerful brands are built on a clear message, strategic design & a fair share of confidence

Have you ever thought about what makes you drawn to other brands?

Sure, they were able to catch your attention visually. But you also feel like they speak directly to you. And the best thing? They seem to have the perfect solution to problems you didn’t even realize you had.

And soon enough, you are not only buying what they have to offer, you also brag about it to your friends.

That’s the power of a confident brand. And that’s what I’m here to help you build.

Latest Work

Brand Strategy
& Visual Identity

I’m on a mission to help you build a brand you feel proud, and that means creating so much more than just a logo. During our project, you will gain clarity about your brand foundations, get visuals that aligns with your vision & gain confidence to share your brand with the world.

Web Design & Development

No more pre-made, cookie-cutter themes that don’t fit your needs, restrict your options & look like everybody else’s website. With us you get a website that can accommodate all your needs, helps you stand out in your industry, and evolves along with your business. 

On-Brand Content Creation

As your business grows, your brand grows too. Medleythink Creative & our partners are here to give you the continual support you need, whether it comes to your social media strategy & management, ongoing content creation & more. Anything your brand needs – consider it handled. 


Unlock your brand personality
– the secret weapon of your business!


“Zuzana walked me through the process of brand development after fully understanding the vision and message that I want to deliver. She gave real thought into all her ideas and was amazing at interpreting reasoning behind all suggestions. She delivered innovative designs that totally match my vision.”

Drew Coverdale

“I was very satisfied with working with Zuzana. She was professional, polite, & always willing to listen to ideas. We started with the idea of heritage brand including memorable elements of the location we operate in. After an in-depth brainstorming & strategy session, she came up with a concept that captured everything we envisioned. The final result was much more than I ever expected.”

Rachel Ayala Moore

Omaha Heritage

“Zuzana did a phenomenal job on defining what my brand stands for and transforming it into visuals that made me stand out in my industry. She helped me simplify my vision, and expanded my brand’s potential. Her suggestions & support gave me the confidence to become visible in my very male dominated niche.”

Viktoria Kiriloff

“Zuzana brought a good mix of psychological insight into my brand strategy. I came to her with vague ideas on what I wanted for my logo, and she presented a good variety of options that captured the “feel” I wanted…but for which I had lacked the words to describe to her.”

Alex Athey



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