Creativity is the new black. But why?

Creativity is the new black. But why?

Jun 5, 2018 | 0 comments

What exactly is this mysterious thing we call creativity? Apparently, in 2017 the word creative was the 9th most used word on LinkedIn profiles. Sounds like a good thing, right? So many creative people! Oh boy, I wish!

Unfortunately, this word became just another buzzword that everybody uses. Why? Probably because every other job now requires it. However, only some people are actually able to show any creative thinking.

Here’s the thing though. If you label yourself as a “creative person”, you better prove it by some action too. Because otherwise your CV/proposal ends up in a trash right away. #sorrynotsorry

The real question here is, why would you even want to be this “creative mind”. Isn’t it for artists? Your profession does not require any handicraft or artistic eye so why do they want to you to think creatively?

Before I answer – and sit tight because I will – let me break some common misconceptions here.

1. Creativity is NOT a talent or a gift you are born with.

Absolutely not! Its a skill anybody can learn!

2. Being creative does NOT mean that you have to be an artist.

It means that you are able to think about things in a different way (out of box thinking if you will). It also means being original. And last but not least having a courage to express your unique point of view.

“Giving the world something it didn’t know it was missing.”

– Daniel Pink

Now, to answer your question… Why would anyone want to be creative?

Because creativity is a superpower available for anyone.

Yes, even you! It’s very likely that you are not using its whole potential or that you even believe you’re not creative at all. Not true!

It is also a skill of the past….

No invention would be possible without a creative and innovative thinking. Right, here you have it, there was no artist present when electricity was invented and yet Thomas Edison had to be creative to come up with the idea. Call him smart (or lucky) but the truth is that there was no electricity before. Actually, we can call ourselves lucky that he didn’t say “I wish I was more creative but unfortunately I don’t have this gift” like some of us do. More importantly, Edison himself described a creative genius as a combination of 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration!

….And for sure, it’s the skill of the future!

Whoa, what? Yes, you heard me. Creative skills help us to become better problem solvers, communicators, and collaborators. It is also no secret that technology is replacing human jobs. In some cases, computers are able to learn from our past actions and base their decisions on it. But what computers cannot do? Exactly, they cant think on its own. They are not able to produce original ideas because they have no creative thinking. So, who will be needed? Exactly, creative humans!

And by the way, I am preparing a list of 9 Proven ways that will boost your creative thinking. Let’s get the creative juices flowing!

The creative mind behind MedleyThink design studio! A brand designer who loves helping others fall in love with their own brand.

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Creativity is the new black. But why?

Zuzana Zapletal

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