Brand Strategy VIP Day

Join me for a 3.5-hour intensive brand strategy session where we dig deep into your brand foundations, brand personality, and the direction for a visual identity that feels the most aligned with who you are, and the unique ways you help your clients.

It’s my signature brand strategy process packed into a supercharged day.

Confident Brand in a Day - Brand Strategy Session

It’s time to stop overthinking your brand & start asking the right questions instead.

Do you sometimes feel like people don’t know what you do or what you stand for? Are you able to clearly explain what you do in 3 sentences or less?

Maybe you’re changing your colors or fonts all the time for no other reason than simply feeling like you need a change?

Sounds like your brand is dealing with a serious lack of clarity & direction.

But what if I told you that trying to figure out what direction is the best for your brand shouldn’t be a part of running your business?

And that you don’t need to learn *every*single*thing* about branding in order to lean into who you truly are, what you desire, and how you can serve your audience the best?

You don’t have to! Not when my brain is available! 🧠

01. Gain Clarity

We’ll start with going deep into what your brand stands for, who it serves, how it solves problems and what those problems actually are. This will serve as a cornerstone for everything you do in the future.

02. Add Personality

By defining and understanding your brand personality, outlining how your brand behaves, sounds like, looks, and how it makes your audience feel we’ll make sure your brand connects with your audience on a personal level.

03. Craft Message

Writing your vision, mission & USP statement has never been this easy. We’ll make you sound exactly the way you want to, identifying specific words and phrases you want to be using & make sure your brand message is heard loud & clear and understood!

04. Visual Direction Suggestions

Together, we’ll create a custom on-brand Pinterest board full of inspiration & examples of the right look and feel for your brand. You’ll also receive a custom suggestion for a color palette & other brand elements you could start using right now.

Please note: This is a day-long brand strategy session that does not include done-for-you visual identity (logo, collateral, website etc) creation.  We will focus on your brand foundations, and you can take all this to your favorite designer, DIY your visuals OR book an extra branding package with me. The choice is yours.

You’ll get everything compiled in a neat  Confident Brand Cookbook

How handy it would be to have a document describing in detail what your brand is all about? To outlining your overall brand strategy?

Something you can not only come back and remind yourself the why, what, and how, but also something to give to your VA/contractor to align them with your brand’s essence?

Say no more! That’s exactly what you’ll get in the next 3 business days after our session.


Ready to dig deep into your brand foundations and walk out with a roadmap for your brand?

One-time investment of $997

Brand Strategy Session

Meet Zuzana, your brand clarity guide & creative problem solver

I’m a brand strategist & designer with 7+ years of experience. I introduced Brand Clarity Session into my branding process a few years ago because I wanted to help my clients get truly aligned with their vision and to really understand their brand foundations.

I believe that confidence in your brand is the first step on a journey to a successful business.

And while confidence isn’t something you’re born with, it’s something you work on. And the more clear you get about why you do what you do, and how you want to be perceived by YOUR audience, the more confidence you gain to share your brand with the world.

And this one-day intensive is my way to open my schedule to anyone who wants to dig deep into their brand foundations and get clearer about the direction their brand needs to follow.

- Are you going to design visuals as well?

– 1 Main Logo & Submark

What is Brand Strategy in the first place?

Brand Strategy = Plan.

It’s a long-term blueprint that helps you set the right direction & move towards a bigger goal.

It outlines what your brand is, stands for, who it targets and how it plans to do that is vital for any decision you make in your business.


Why having a logo is not enough?

There is a vast difference between having a logo and having a brand. Whle logo is just a (hopefully) pretty picture, your brand is what comes out of the combination of your values/visions and your audience/customer’s needs.

Sometimes, the overlap is huge and it’s really easy to connect with your audience. And sometimes, you have to dig deep into their pain points and struggles to actually create something you’ll love and they’ll need.

How do I know if this is a good option for me?

I bet you want to have a brand you feel proud of.

But I also bet you tend to focus on how things look on the outside meaning the visuals like logo, colors, fonts. The problem is, that while cool visuals make you feel a bit more legit, just a logo doesn’t bring you the confidence you were really hoping for.

What is truly needed is to first focus on things that actually make you get up from the bed every morning, the solutions you know you can deliver, and the audience you know you can help.

Focusing on the brand foundations first and aligning your message, brand personality & visuals with them second will help you get really excited about your brand and eager to share it with the world.

What if I already have visuals? Do I need to rebrand?

The short answer is no.
Nobody will force you to rebrand. By joining me for the Confident Brand in a Day we will make sure your foundations are as strong as your visuals.

The longer answer? Maybe.
It may happen that during our work you come to a realization that your current visual identity does not match the newly defined direction. And that you want to make sure it aligns. In that case, you will have several options.

You can hire me for a new project of building a visual identity and I make sure your new logo, imagery, website, socials & everything else makes you truly proud of sharing.

Or, you can always hire a different designer or even DIY your brand.

- Are you going to design visuals as well?

– 1 Main Logo & Submark

What do I need to prepare for the day?

Once you book your day & clear the invoice, you will receive a questionnaire. The more details about your business and vision you share with me, the better I can help you so make sure you take some time to think about the answers.

What are the deliverables?

The tangible results of our one-day intensive will be the Brand Clarity Blueprint (which outlines your brand foundations, personality, message & visual direction), a curated Pinterest board with inspiration, a suggested color palette, and hand-picked visuals you could enhance your brand with right now.

The intangibles include increased clarity about the next steps, peace of mind & confidence about what your brand is and how you want it to be shared with the world.

Do you offer refunds?

Did something unexpected happened and you no longer wish to attend our VIP Day?

That’s okay!

You can cancel your application in the first 3 business days after booking.
Just send an email to and I will issue a full refund.

However, due to the nature of this service and the fact I will be actively working on your brand and with you in person, I cannot offer you a refund after these first 3 days.

You can still reschedule our VIP Day if the day & time no longer works for your though if the rescheduling happens no longer than 72h before the day.

In general, make sure you’re booking this service with the intention to provide all necessary information, show up & do your part of the work with me.

Hope this sounds fair 🤞