The secret weapon of your business.

Have you ever asked yourself: “Why am I attracted to this particular brand? Why did I purchase their product/service?” Was it the product/service itself, an awesome copy, gorgeous visual identity…?

Or was it just a coincidence? Magic?

The answer? Brand Archetypes.

First of all, they are simply the most powerful way to humanize and differentiate your brand.

Additionally, Brand Archetypes tend to reflect the aspirations and hopes of your target audience and will allow you to understand your market on a deeper level. They will help you with brand positioning and will show you the psychological reasons why and how you attract your ideal customers. Furthermore, they will show you how you can express your personality more authentically in all you do.

Wait, that’s still not all they can do! In the long run, they will show you how to build trust, make connections, and even influence.

Every successful brand has a strong and uniquely identifiable personality. Are you ready to discover yours? 

Some quick facts…

Every profound brand reflects some of these 12 brand personalities. Don’t worry though, we don’t want to put your business in any box! We know that you are unique! In fact, most brands are a mix of few different archetypes!
Don’t rush your assumptions though. Determining the right archetype (or combination of archetypes) for your brand takes a tactical approach – you must start with the right questions to get the right answers. Which is why we put together this quiz!


Innocent Archetype is usually known for the neverending optimism, simplicity, and uncomplicated experience. The Innocent is especially attractive in this hectic, stressful world because it promises that you can relax and truly enjoy your life.

Famous Brands: VW, Nintendo, Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Ivory, Aveno, Evian…


The Sage seeks the truth in all things. They want to understand, not to control or to alter. Sages are methodical, objective, and often able to see patterns where others may not. They don’t show you any fantasy but encourage you to think.

Famous Brands: Google, Harward, BBC, Forbes, National Geographic, NASA…


Freedom is the top desire of the Explorer archetype. They will not help you find your home, or at least not in the traditional meaning. Explorers are seeking new adventures by pushing themselves outside of their comfort zones.

Famous Brands: Starbucks, Amazon, Jack Daniels, Jeep, Landrover, Corona, Redbull..


The Maverick brand isn’t afraid of radical ideas. They live for challenging the status quo, disrupting “normal,” and living the life that most won’t dare to. Mavericks have the capacity to be keys to social change.

Famous Brands: Virgin, Harley, Diesel, MTV, Lush, Netflix, Urban Outfitters, Uber, Apple (in its early years)…


Magicians bring our wildest dreams to life. They are interested in new ways, solutions not yet imagined and products not yet built. Magicians are idea-driven, thrive on vision and intuition. They seem to make innovation look almost magical.

Famous Brands: Disney, Tesla, Polaroid, MAC, Dyson, AT&T, Maybelline…


The Hero makes the world better by being the best. They strive to triumph & change the world by promoting accomplishment & mastery. Heroes are the instinctive protectors of those they see as innocent, fragile, or helpless.

Famous Brands: Nike, Under Armour, Duracell, FedEx, Spotify, BMW…


Lovers want to create experiences that build relationships and long-lasting memories. They want you to associate them with the intimate moments in your life and appreciate those you love.

Famous Brands: Magnum, eHarmony, Hagen-Dazs, Chanel, Tiffany&Co, Victorias Secret, Calvin Klein…


Performers are playful, curious and attention-driven. The mock conventions with jokes and sarcasm and often expose real problems and challenges while making fun of them at the same time. The performer makes everything bearable.

Famous Brands: GEICO, Taco Bell, Ben & Jerry, The Old Spice, Mailchimp…


With Regular Gal, everyone is treated equally. They are focused on building a community and value things other than just a profit. It is challenging archetype to pull off because your product/service must appeal across all demographics.

Famous Brands: TOMs, Facebook, Youtube, Levi’s, Home Depot, E-Bay…


Caregivers are compassionate, generous, and often have maternal or paternal instincts. They just want to be there for you, to help you grow, learn and succeed. Caregivers support their customers or employees unconditionally.

Famous Brands: Huggies, Volvo, Campbells, Johnson & Johnson, Heinz…


The Ruler knows that the best thing to do to avoid chaos is to take the control. Rulers tend to be expensive, dominant brands with a strong sense of stability, responsibility, and control. Often politically savvy and well connected.

Famous Brands: Rolls-Royce, IBM, Microsoft, Mercedez-Benz, Louis Vuitton…


The Creator personality loves anything unique or unusual. Creators are artistically driven, they thrive on originality, and promote self-expression. They teach others how to do the same thing they are doing, how to repeat their process.

Famous Brands: Adobe, Pinterest, Marc Jacobs, Apple, Lego, Sony, Crayola…

What makes us fall in love with brands like Apple, Facebook or Google? And how to apply the same techniques to your brand?

Every successful brand has a strong and uniquely identifiable personality. Professional brand development has many stages, but one of the most powerful tools used by all big brands is called Brand Archetypes. Take our FREE QUIZ and discover the secret weapon of YOUR business! #brandarchetypes #archetypes #branding #brand #medleythink