Want to get to know your brand on a personal level?

What if I told you there is one secret ingredient that can help you build the perfect brand that attracts your ideal customers?

Let me introduce you to my Brand Personality Quiz ~ a free prompt that will help you define the way your brand looks like, behaves, talks & is perceived by your audience. How? With the power of your unique Brand Archetype mix. 


The same way people, brands have their own personality too. And the easiest way to define it is with the help of  Brand Archetypes.

Every profound brand reflects some of 12 brand personalities (also called Brand Archetypes).

Brand Archetypes tend to reflect your own values and personality traits as well as the aspirations and hopes of your target audience. They humanize your brand and allow you to create deeper connections. In the long run, they will show you how to build trust, make connections, and even influence.

So now, we know what it is. But why should you care?

It’s quite easy really.

Human beings are constantly making assumptions about things.

Meaning your audience is making assumptions about your brand and business.

Based on the interaction with you, the way yo present yourself.

👉The way you talk, the way you write.
👉The colors you picked or the logo you designed.
👉The way you look & more importantly, feel.

Whether you realize it or not, you’re already presenting your brand’s personality traits in some way.

So, wouldn’t it be a tiny bit better to know what kind of message all these things actually send?
OR even better, wouldn’t it be better to actually choose the way you want it to be perceived beforehand?

It’s all about trying to understand your brand on a more personal level.


And that’s where this Brand Archetype quiz comes into play.

Don’t rush your Brand Archetype assumptions though!

Determining the right archetype (or combination of archetypes) for your brand takes a tactical approach. In fact, there are two really important steps.

1. Ask the right questions.

2. Think about your answers.

Discover the power of Brand Archetypes